Shanghai Greencourt Investment Group Co., Ltd. (“Greencourt Investment Group”) is a publicly traded company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with both Class A and B Shares (Class A: 600695 & Class B: 900919). The company was founded in 1985 and issued its first IPO in 1993. Through years of business growth and assets consolidation, the company has become a global asset management company.

Greencourt Investment Group actively uses various targeted and flexible strategies to finance and invest in projects that meet the dynamic investment needs of our partners, investors, and clients. The group has a specific focus on real estate related financial securities and derivatives, and is also deeply involved in  rising industries in China, such as internet finance, OTC trading, senior healthcare, etc.

Greencourt Investment Group’s main products and services include equity based investments, debt based investments and Mezzanine financing.

While the capital market continues to morph and transform, Greencourt Investment Group continuously creates value-added products to serve the asset management industry vertically. With a global market that changes radically on a daily basis, Greencourt Investment Group focuses on global asset portfolio allocation, and actively seeks to penetrate major markets that it believes are able to channel higher returns to its investors while maintaining risks at reasonable level.

In addition, based on a deep understanding of the Chinese market, Greencourt Investment Group embraces the opportunities that are driven by the Chinese industry structure shift, as well as the change of consumer demands. It also proactively participates and assists in the growth of potential star companies in order to further diversify the companies’ investment portfolios.

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